About Us

We, A Byte Irrational, are a high school FTC team from Orlando Science Schools. We have proudly been Team 15065 since 2019, making it our fourth season competing in FTC. We started off with 5 members who were new to FTC and have since doubled our numbers. This season we welcomed three new members and have diversified our skills greatly as a team. We introduced a dedicated marketing team to help coordinate outreach events and create marketing collateral. We also have expanded our programming team to include two new members with coding experience. We have two experienced engineering mentors to guide us on our design journey, Mr. Don Boughton and Ms. Karen Oliver, as well as highly supportive parents.

Like our signature twindragon, we aspire to innovate and create new from old when it comes to design. This season, we took on many challenges proposed by the new game field and created an original design suited for effortless maneuvering and swift movement.

Our Connections